Eén gedachte over “Jan den Outer Tandarts”

  1. Hallo Jan en Marje,

    Bedankt voor uw spoed hulp.

    Our next appointment is Thursday 10am. I’m not sure what to expect. But I need to say that I’m worried about speech impediments. I speak for a living. Having a lisp or difficulty speaking is going to effect my job.

    During work the last week, I had a lisp and had trouble speaking clearly. I know it’s in between treatments at the moment, so I won’t expect much. But in the end, I hope I can speak well, as I used to.

    You were busy today and kind enough to treat me because I was in pain. So I didn’t want to waste too much more time talking about what to expect. I hope sending this email is OK with you.

    Tot donderdag.


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